Collaborative Decision Making

Local participants of A-CDM procedures

In order to fulfill defined goals of A-CDM procedures (coordination among stakeholders, operational decision-making and efficiency improvement as well as increase of safety, economy and regularity of air traffic) and leading a progress coping with new trends in the industry A-CDM workgroup was established. Members of this workgroup are all stakeholders mentioned above and they meet regularly.

In addition, a workshop for operational staff is organized semi-annually. Aim of the workshop is to evaluate past season, explanation of observed deviations from the operational plan and proposal of mitigation measures. The workshop also serves for introduction of new procedures or features that would be implemented.

Following partners actively cooperate within local A-CDM procedures in Václav Havel Airport Prague:

logo-LPLetiště Praha, a. s. – Airport operator 
RLPŘízení letového provozu České republiky, s.p. – air navigation services provider 
Smartwings logoSmartwings Group a.s. (Czech Airlines, Smartwings) – local hub airlines 
Manzies logoMenzies Aviation (Czech), s.r.o. – ground handling agency 

Czech Airlines Handling a.s. – ground handling agency