Collaborative Decision Making

Roles of participating partners

Airline (aircraft operator)

Feeds into the system EOBT values, that should lie within interval <SOBT-0min; SOBT+10min> when new flight plan is filed. If such EOBT doesn’t lie within the interval, TOBT cannot be set. Without TOBT flight cannot be part of a departure sequence, therefore departure is not possible! Later changes of a valid FPL (i.e. delay) do not require to meet this condition, if FPL ID stays the same.

Flight crew

Cooperates with the handling agency to set and manage TOBT value. Such TOBT should in best possible way to reflect the true state of ground handling process.

Informs the handling agency about their de-icing request or intention to change departure runway.

Runway change request must be announced to RUZYNE DELIVERY* in time TOBT – 10 minutes at the latest.

De-icing request shall be announced to ground handler at the latest in time TOBT – 25 minutes. Later request is possible, but most likely would result in penalisation in departure sequence.

At the latest in time TOBT frequency of RUZYNE DELIVERY* must be monitored.

Within TSAT tolerance (TSAT ±5 minutes) requests the start-up approval on RUZYNE DELIVERY* frequency. Start-up approval is issued only within the tolerance. When attempted too early, only departure clearance and information about TSAT value are issued. Later when the flight gets inside the TSAT tolerance RUZYNE DELIVERY* actively approves the start-up. On the other hand, when the crew requests later than TSAT +5 minutes or not at all, flight is removed from the departure sequence and new TOBT must be set. Then a new TSAT is calculated.

*= outside of operational hours of RUZYNE DELIVERY the crew should contact other frequencies according to local procedures for LKPR in AIP ČR.

Ground handling agency

Cooperates with the flight crew to set and manage TOBT value. Such TOBT should in best possible way reflect the true state of ground handling process. TOBT must be specified at the latest 25 minutes prior its own value and cannot be smaller than EOBT -10 min. A TOBT update must be made if current estimated time of ground handling finish differs from actual TOBT of more than 5 minutes. Each updated TOBT must be at least 5 minutes later than its actual value.

Feeds de-icing requests into A-CDM system when prompted by the flight crew.

Informs the flight crew about TSAT value and all its updates on those stands where such information is not shown automatically. Where TSAT is shown automatically, ground handler verifies its accuracy.

Informs the airline operations center (flight crew for general aviation) if EOBT is outside the interval <SOBT-0min; SOBT+10min>

Air Navigation Services Provider

Calculates TSAT

Approves start-up within tolerance TSAT ±5 minutes

Airport Operator

Manages airport operational database together with all basic lists, operates the system for A-CDM information sharing and shares the data.

Allocates airport resources (i.e. aircraft stands) and creates Airport operations plan

Informs the flight crew about TSAT value and all its updates on those stands where automatic display is possible.


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