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Airport PragueThank you for choosing Prague as your destination. Here you can find brief information for safe and correct arrival to LKPR. 


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* procedures described further are aimed only to explain some local operational procedures at LKPR from aviator‘s point of view and cannot be considered as complete guidelines or legislative requirements for immigration, customs, flight planning, flight preparation or flight execution. For purposes of immigration conditions, customs allowances, flight planning, preparation and execution use AIP ČR, EU-OPS and other official sources which comply with your intended flight.


Assistance of local ground handler is mandatory at LKPR. It is strongly recommended to contact one early in advance, because he will act as your local partner and can provide you with valuable support.

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  • I still need to make my choice


That means, you‘re most likely general or business aviation flight. Services provided at LKPR for general and business aviation are various and are described here. Airlines have usually their individual contracts.

List of local partners providing services for GA/BA that would be the best option for your purpose can be found here.



LKPR is fully coordinated airport, therefore all arrivals must have confirmed arrival slot.

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  • I need to request an arrival slot


In order to request an arrival slot either SCR or GCR message (depending on the type of flight) must be sent.

SCRs are mainly intended for airlines, GCRs for general and business aviation.

The guidelines can be found here or your local partner may assist you.




Do I need some support services?


There are many providers of various support services for general and business aviation at LKPR.

Your guide to choose the best option for you would be your local partner. Airlines have individual contracts.  More here




Please double check, that all legal and procedural conditions for your safe flight are met.

We‘re looking forward to meet you on the apron of Václav Havel Airport Prague!

Have a nice flight!

For Crew landing

We’re glad that you plan to fly to Václav Havel Airport Prague.  You may find useful our brief wizard (see below) and various useful links: