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Book Your Holiday Tour Directly at the Airport, Čedok Travel Agency Opens New Sales Point

Are you longing for a travel adventure? Pack your bags, get your travel documents ready, head to the airport well ahead of time, and buy a last-minute trip at the airport. The Čedok Travel Agency together with Czech Airlines Handling has launched the sale of their full tour package portfolio and other additional services directly at Václav Havel Airport Prague. Passengers will mainly appreciate the brand-new BUY & FLY product. Now, it is the time when is possible to come to the airport with your bags packed and choose a destination few hours before departure.

“By opening new Čedok BUY & FLY at Prague Airport, we have expanded our sales network and added this unique location where clients can choose from among the full selection of Čedok tours, including holiday packages by air, coach or own transport, as well as excursion tours,” says Eva Nemeckova, Spokesperson for Cedok. “Passengers can even buy last-minute offers immediately before departure at the best price.”

The service will also offer trips to exotic destinations that will be operated by direct long-haul Luke Air aircraft to be based out of Prague beginning in autumn. As prices of package tours can actually continue to decrease almost until airport check-in starts, which means approximately four hours before departure, you can buy last-minute deals at a bargain. However, due to the current conditions set for travel to most countries, you must always check the valid rules of each destination before purchasing your trip.

"We have partnered with one of the largest travel agencies in the Czech Republic and have expanded our portfolio of services with their new product. We have opened a Cedok sales point at our ticketing counters in the departure halls of Terminals 1 and 2. This means that passengers can purchase both last-minute tours and choose from the complete portfolio of organised trips and other services offered by the travel agent,” commented Michal Soukup, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Czech Airlines Handling, which provides passenger and aircraft handling services for more than forty airlines at Prague Airport and offers other services, such as the flight tickets sales and now also the organised tours.

“Czechs heading out for holiday create the majority of handled passengers at Václav Havel Airport Prague this year. Recently, we have been able to see a trend of buying tickets and tours at the last minute. This new service accommodates this trend and meets the current requirements of passengers,” says Jaroslav Filip, Director of Aviation Business at Prague Airport.

The Cedok sales point with the BUY & FLY option can be found in both terminals of Vaclav Havel Airport Prague, in the departure hall at the Czech Airlines Handling ticketing counter. Thanks to this new cooperation, ticket sellers now have online access to the travel agent’s booking system. They can book a tour and directly hand over all travel instructions and other documents, such as accommodation vouchers and travel insurance, to the client.

Passengers should always check the current requirements for travel to their destination before purchasing a tour, especially in the case of last-minute sales. If the country of destination requires proof of vaccination, past illness or a negative COVID-19 test result before check-in, travellers must have everything ready, and preferably printed in advance. It is also necessary to check whether they need to fill in an entry form if the country they are travelling to requires one.

The current selection of package tours and trips and other information are available at


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