Sustainability (ESG)
Udržitelnost a ESG

Social Responsibility

Equal Treatment and Responsible Employer (S)

Goals by 2030: 

  • Expanding the prevention programmes to include wellbeing initiatives.
  • Conceptual employee trainings focused on the development of key 21st century skills.
  • Increasing the share of new employees through recommendations from current employees.
  • Maintaining the number of occupational accidents below the national average.
  • Supporting the financial stability of the employees.
Approach to the Employees

The airport industry faces global influences, trends, and opportunities. A wide range of challenges must be addressed, implemented and completed using state-of-the-art technologies, but also – and sometimes primarily – with the help of qualified and engaged staff. To have such personnel at Prague Airport, it is essential to build long-term cooperation based on trust, respect, open communication and equal opportunities. Accountability and transparency are two of Prague Airport’s core values. Only such a company culture, where all these values are fulfilled, allows and promotes long-term development and growth of every individual, resulting in world-class service and subsequent commercial results.

In terms of remuneration and benefits, Prague Airport follows fundamental principles of internal equity and external competition. Equal treatment is a must in this area; it is absolutely unacceptable for different employees to be compensated differently for the same work and performance. We regularly check if these principles are adhered to through internal and external audits and by comparing data from wage surveys.

Employee Health Care

Protecting the Health and Safety of Our Employees

Prague Airport has been focusing on the health and physical condition of its employees for a long time. Thanks to a complex system of OSH, regular trainings and a wide range of benefits and health-promoting care for employees, Prague Airport is successful at maintaining the number of occupational accidents below the national average.

In addition to Cafeteria benefits, the employees can enjoy the services of in-house massage therapists and can regularly participate in Health Days and specialized workshops focused on a healthy lifestyle. We organize sports events, that are focused particularly on sports such as running, swimming, cycling, yoga and more, including the services of expert trainers. Our employees are happy to take advantage of company-paid registrations for nationally organized sports competitions. We also offer places in preschool for the children of our employees. To promote a healthy lifestyle, we have recently started to provide the employees with a special offer of at least one low-calorie meal (about 2500 kJ) with a balanced content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. 

We provide long-term assistance to employees who find themselves in a difficult life situation, especially in the form of interest-free loans or financial donations. In the summer of 2022, ELA, a special external premium personal counselling service, is being launched to prevent risks and protect the health of employees, including dealing with mental health issues and stress prevention. This benefit is available not only to all employees, but also to their family members, who are navigating through difficult personal times. With ELA, the airport provides superior care to its employees and their family members, with a significant positive impact on the private life and well-being of employees.

Supporting Former Retired Employees 

Taking care of former employees of Prague Airport and the quality of their life after they retire constitutes an obligation, an irreplaceable benefit and a part of connecting generations not only through cooperations with schools. We offer to former employees discounted meals at employee restaurants, and we provide employees with Cafeteria benefits for two next years once they retire. We support the Czech Airlines Retiree Club (Klub důchodců Českých aerolinií), which historically brings together former Prague Airport employees. Last but not least, we cooperate with members of the Retiree Club on projects to pass on experience and preserve the traditions of Czech aviation.

You can find more information about the activities and benefits that promote the employees‘ health at our Carreer Page.

Staff Training and Development

In terms of staff training and development, we at Prague Airport focus primarily on building expertise and know-how in the aviation industry. By promoting the platform of in-house tutoring, we increase the active participation of the employees in the training process under the principle of self-learning organisation. We offer our employees day seminars led by in-house or external tutors, inspirational lectures or courses corresponding to the needs of individual organisational units. Qualification courses constitute an integral part of development, helping us to maintain the qualification of individual employees in specific positions. The whole area of education offers a wide array of development options including using the online environment and modern forms such as video trainings, webinars, streams, podcasts, and e-learning. We are currently working to implement virtual reality as a training platform.

Prague Airport also focuses on implementing specific programmes for key employee groups such as talent, students and management. These programmes are tailored to their needs. The idea of supporting key employees is also backed by an intercompany mentoring programme we participate in, which provides the participants with an opportunity to share their ideas, working approaches, experience and draw inspiration beyond their company.

The employees of Prague Airport participate in a unique project of developing digital literacy and efficient use of digital tools for work purposes. The project is very successful thanks to a community of in-house ambassadors, the keepers of digital know-how, whose role is to maintain the technical level of their colleagues when working with digital technologies. Equally important is the CX project, which includes development activities aimed at increasing client satisfaction and a positive client experience.

Prague Aiport has been working closely with schools and students for a long time in terms of mandatory or optional internships, cooperating on their graduation theses, or trainee programme.

Prague Airport emphasizes vocational trainings and education; it continuously promotes the growth of its employees and organises conceptual courses focusing on 21st-century skills for them, such as social skills (communication, cooperation, leadership), problem-solving (creativity and critical thinking), technical and language skills, qualification trainings and mental health as part of the above-mentioned CX trainings, in particular for passenger-oriented positions (tranings focused on dealing with stress).

Supporting Surrounding Communities – We Want to Be a Good Neighbour (S)  

Goals by 2030: 

  • Building good relationships with our neighbours
  • Transparent financial aid for nearby areas
  • Non-financial aid for nearby areas
  • Supporting the non-profit sector
A Responsible Approach to Nearby Areas

Operating an international airport includes a wide array of activities that impacts various stakeholders and areas. As a large company, we feel liable to all stakeholders, but mostly to the close surroundings affected by our operations. In terms of building good relations with our neighbours, we promote open and transparent communication, mutual respect and a willingness to help. The current cooperation with surrounding communities works well and is based on several pillars, the most important being the continuous financial support. Other forms of aid significantly contribute to positive relations with the nearby areas as well and we are aiming to maintain this position of a "good neighbour" for as long as possible.

Open Communication

Open Communication

Open communication and continuous dialogue form a necessary foundation to build mutual trust. We feel we have an obligation to inform our neighbours truthfully about all important matters. For this purpose, we send out information through various communication channels: a digital newsletter, printed irregular magazine, websites, regular meetings with the representatives of municipalities and city districts, fun and informative afternoon events for neighbouring residents and many more.

Magazine "Spolu" (printed irregularly)

  • Delivered directly to the postboxes of neighbouring residents. Download it here.

Digital newsletter

  • Brings current information every month. You can subscribe here.
  • A list of previous newsletters.

Regular Meetings with the Representatives and Citizens 

Participation of the Airport in Nearby Events

  • If interested and if the operational situation allows it, it is possible to arrange participation of the airport units in nearby events. It is also possible to arrange the participation of airport representatives at meetings of the councils of the surrounding municipalities. 

Parallel Runway Roadshow

  • As part of the campaign to inform about the planned development focused on the project of a parallel runway, we pay visits to nearby municipalities and city districts.
  • The goal is to provide the citizens with an opportunity to learn about the plans for further airport development and get all available information. We have information panels with maps of the noise protection zone and flight trajectories, as well as leaflets with more detailed information about the airport and the planned parallel runway. Experts who are working on the parallel runway project are available to answer citizens’ questions. 
  • The campaign received a largely positive response in the visited municipalities. The residents were primarily interested in the impact of the new railway on everyday life. We can come to you too. Contact us at 

Fun and Informative Afternoon for Neighbours

  • At the beginning of every school year, we organise a fun and informative afternoon event for the residents of closest surroundings. Children and adults can enjoy an interesting programme, they can see and sometimes even experience airport machinery and learn about the job description of various airport units. The participants have the opportunity to ask any question regarding the environment, noise issue or airport operation. An information booth with experts in each area is available throughout the entire event.
  • The date of the event in 2022 has not been set yet.

Meetings and events for residents (CZ)

Financial Aid

Prague Airport donates a large portion of its profits to promote the development of nearby areas and everyday activities improving the living conditions of residents.

The financial aid is provided through funding programmes due to transparency.

 Funding Programmes 

  • LIVING IN HARMONY – grant programme for municipalities and city districts in surrounding areas
  • GOOD NEIGHBOUROOD – grant programme for clubs, associations and interest groups
  • Language aid for children attending elementary schools
  • Ventilation –for the owners of properties in the areas with highest noise pollution
  • Window soundproofing –the owners of properties in the noise protection zone
Non-financial Aid and Events for Nearby Areas

The voluntary commitment to take care for nearby areas, i.e. the home of the airport and its employees, has become part of the airport’s strategy. In addition to financial aid, we help non-profit organizations, municipalities and city districts with cleanup, large tree trimming, grass cutting, winter maintenance. In short, with anything we have the equipment and capacity to do.  

  • For municipalities and city districts
  • Volunteering day
  • Environmental education for elementary schools

Participate in events in nearby areas

Responsible Procurement

As a public procurement authority, we push for more environmentally friendly solutions, social aspects and innovative solutions in tenders for suppliers of services, products and materials. We primarily emphasise the strategic areas of the ESG. Through responsible public procurement, we co-create the pressure on the suppliers and promote the supplies of more sustainable and innovative variants of products and services.