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Drones and their use in the vicinity of the airport


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Welcome to the Prague Airport’s webpage that is devoted to the topic of unmanned aircraft’s, commonly known as drones and their use in the vicinity of the Prague Airport.

Near the airport, the planes’s are in the most critical phases of the flight, which are take-off and landing. To keep a civil aviation safe, it is necessary to regulate the use of drones, as they have become a new participant of air traffic. It is important to keep in mind that, when you are flying drone near the airport, you are in the Controlled Traffic Region.

If you want to fly your drone in the vicinity of the airport safely, just remember to follow these simple rules:

  • Do not fly with your drone at a distance of less than 5.5 km from the airport’s aerodrome reference point (50 06 03 N, 014 15 36 E)
    – see Figure 1
  • When being within the Controlled Traffic Region (CTR LKPR), do not fly your drone more than 100 m above the ground

Figure 1


In order to fly the drone safely, it is necessary to be aware of the division of the airspace. If you do not know what the Controlled Traffic Region is or if you are not sure how the airspace is divided, the following application’s will help you:

If you are not sure with maximum height of your flight or whether you are interfering with Aerodrome obstacle limitation surfaces, watch out not to fly higher then buildings in surrounding area.

Under certain conditions, it is possible to fly the drone at a distance of less than 5.5 km from the airport’s aerodrome reference point or at a height of 100 m above the ground within the Controlled Traffic Region. These conditions are described in detail in a diagram available at the website of Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic.

In case of violation of regulations a fine up to 5,000,000 CZK may be imposed! To report a suspicious drone, please contact Prague Airport’s Security Control Centre at 220 111 000.


The term “drone” refers to any flying device without a human pilot aboard. In our case, it covers all terms used in legislation, such as unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), unmanned aerial system (UAS) or model aircraft.

When flying a drone, always comply with the following :

Létejte bezpečně

Fly safely and obey rules

Respektujte soukromí

Fly respectfully, respect the privacy

Buďte pojištění

Fly responsibly and be insured

Types of drones

According to their use:

  • drones for recreation, sports
  • drones for commercial, experimental, research purposes

Drones are also classified according to their maximum take-off mass which can be explained as the maximum weight of the drone including all the equipment necessary to make the flight for that purpose.

Types of drones according to their maximum take-off mass:

  • ≤ 0,91 kg
  • > 0,91 kg a < 7 kg
  • 7-25 kg
  • > 25 kg

After reviewing the above given information, you can determine for what purpose is your drone used and in which weight class it belongs. If you use your drone for commercial, experimental or research purposes, there are certain steps that you must take to operate the drone. These steps are specified on the website of Czech Civil Aviation Authority. If you use the drone for recreation or sports, rules are not so strict, there are certain obligations you have to meet – for example the drones in the ”> 0.91 kg and < 7 kg“ weight class, have to equipped with a Fail-Safe system provided by the manufacturer. This does not apply to the drones that belong to the ”≤ 0.91 kg“ weight class. A complete overview of the requirements is provided in Figure 2 below.

Figure 2

Figure 2

Unmanned aircraft regulatory framework in the Czech Republic. Available at:


Aviation Regulation L2 is the cornerstone of aviation in the Czech Republic. Its full text (in Czech language) is available on the website of Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic. We are especialy interested in Attachment X, which describes drones operations and focuses on unmanned aerial systems. Attachment X was drawn up by Czech Civil Aviation Authority which also oversees compliance with its provisions. For the time being, the rules for flying drones are not harmonized within the European Union, i.e. each country has its own.

Attachment X to Aviation Regulation L2 contains information concerning the operation of unmanned aerial systems, including definitions of terms, scope of application, establishment of liability and safety when operating these systems, as well as information regarding the rules how to fly in the vicinity of airports and other strategic buildings or objects.

In the European Union, under the patronage of European Aviation Safety Agency and in collaboration with other organizations in the field of civil aviation and airspace management, a proposal of unified European legislation, which regulates use of drones over the European airspace, has been created and is currently being implemented.

For more information about Unified European regulatory framework visit:


Unless permitted otherwise by Czech Civil Aviation Authority, the use of drones is permitted in Class G airspace, which extends from the ground up to 300 metres. In addition specific rules apply in the vicinity of controlled and uncontrolled airports. They are explained in Attachment X, for their quick understanding, see Figure 3 and 4 and Figure 5 that provides explanatory notes.

Figure 3

Figure 3

Unmanned aircraft regulatory framework in the Czech Republic. Available at:


Figure 4

Figure 4

Unmanned aircraft regulatory framework in the Czech Republic. Available at:


Figure 5

Figure 5

Unmanned aircraft regulatory framework in the Czech Republic. Available at: