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About the Company

Facts about the Company

Letiště Praha, a. s. (hereinafter referred to as “Prague Airport” or the “Company”) is the operator of the most important international airport in the Czech Republic and, at the same time, unites companies operating in air transport and related land services situated within the area of the Prague-Ruzyně international airport. The sole shareholder of the Company is the State, which is represented by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic.

Václav Havel Airport Prague is one of Europe's fastest growing airports in the category of 10 to 25 million passengers. Each year, this international airport checks in more than 15 million passengers. They can enjoy a choice of almost 70 airlines connecting Prague directly to more than 160 destinations all over the world throughout the year. Furthermore, eight regular cargo carriers and dozens of companies providing charter flights operate from here. Prague Airport employs approximately 2,400 people, and an estimated more than 14,000 additional people are employed by companies operating at the airport or linked to its operations.

Letiště Praha, a.s. was founded in February 2008 as part of the privatization transformation from the state-owned company Správa Letiště Praha, s.p. From 2011 until 2018, Letiště Praha, a.s. was incorporated within the holding structure of Czech Aeroholding. In 2018, this holding structure was simplified; within the framework of the merger, selected holding companies, including Český Aeroholding, a.s., were dissolved and their assets were transferred to the successor company Letiště Praha, a. s. The Company's bodies consist of a five-member Board of Directors and a six-member Supervisory Board.

In its activities, Prague Airport closely works mainly with the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic, the Civil Aviation Authority, Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic, air carriers, public authorities inside and outside the aviation sector, and other users of the airport. Last but not least, it also works closely with the Capital City of Prague and with the municipalities situated in the vicinity of the airport. Václav Havel Airport Prague is used as a base by three airlines – Czech Airlines, Travel Service, and Ryanair.

Statutory body

Board of Directors

Supervisory body

Supervisory Board

Operator of the airport

Letiště Praha, a. s.
K letišti 1019/6, 161 00 Praha 6
Phone: +420 220 111 888, +420 220 111 111, +420 296 661 111

The central state administration body for matters related to civil aviation

Czech MoT – Civil Aviation Department
Telex: 121096 DOMI C, 122547 DOMI C

The administrative authority for state administration in matters related to civil aviation

The Civil Aviation Authority (Úřad pro civilní letectví)
Letiště Praha - Ruzyně, 160 08 Praha 6
Phone: +420 220 562 639
Telex: 122179


Business name: Letiště Praha, a. s.
Registered office: K Letišti 6/1019, 160 08 Praha 6
Company identification number: 28244532 
Tax registration number:
 CZ699003361 (until 31.12 2013 this number was: CZ 282 44 532)

Letiště Praha, a. s. (hereinafter referred to as “Prague Airport” or “PA”) was established on 1 December 2008 by its entry into the Companies Register administered by the Municipal Court in Prague, Section B, Entry 14003.