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Our Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles


Current information and recommendation for passengers:

Thank you for protecting yourself and other travellers at the airport by wearing a face mask, keeping a safe distance, washing your hands frequently and using hand sanitizers.
We recommend checking the entry requirements of the country you are travelling to and the measures taken by your airline.

To review all conditions to travel to the Czech Republic, please visit the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic’s website.

Information on the airport's protective measures can be found HERE

Our Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles

Forming the company's ethical culture is a long-term process and goal for our company, as we consider high standards of our conduct and approach as part of our everyday work and also a prerequisite for preserving and further developing the good reputation of and trust in the Prague Airport Group.
Within the framework of our corporate values, which are security, customer orientation, competitiveness, responsibility and transparency, the companies of the Prague Airport Group have pledged to unconditionally respect the rule of law and to observe high moral standards. The document entitled Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles has become an important tool for strategic management and for shaping the corporate culture of the entire group.
By its acknowledgement, we declare our commitments towards our customers, business partners, employees and the community in which we work. We define clear standards for conduct at the workplace and in areas that we consider to be crucial within the framework of our business. We thus pay attention to issues that strengthen the transparency of the company, such as the prevention of conflicts of interest, corruption and other unfair practices, but also the areas of environmental protection, security and establishing high-quality relations both at the workplace and with our partners.
In order to achieve all of these goals, we require each of us to assume personal responsibility for promoting our corporate culture, which includes set patterns of conduct, standards, values, procedures and practices, not only by the company itself and its representatives, but above all by all, but its employees.


Our Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles to download here.