Prague Airport Has Secured ESG-aware Financing with Carbon Footprint Reduction as Its Basic Pillar

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Prague Airport and a consortium of banks have signed an amendment to the loan agreement concluded in October 2021. The document reflects ESG principles in financing. As part of the amendment, specific parameters were selected that will be regularly evaluated, and if met, the existing airport financing demands are to be reduced. The basic pillar is the gradual reduction of the carbon footprint.

The Chairman of the Prague Airport Board of Directors, Jiří Pos, confirms that the airport is committed to the ESG approach in all areas. “All last year, we were implementing the detailed ESG strategy across the entire company. Our efforts have also materialised in the signing of the ESG amendment. In addition, the airport can use its long-term active approach not only to sustainable development, but also to ecological or, for example, social issues,” Jiří Pos added.

ESG financing was negotiated with existing creditors – Československá obchodní banka (ČSOB), Všeobecná úverová banka (VUB), and Raiffeisenbank and their foreign parent banks.

“We appreciate Prague Airport's active approach to sustainability and the entire field of ESG, which is also a fundamental topic for the ČSOB Group. We are very happy that we were able to participate in this reference transaction with the support of ČSOB Advisory, a.s., not only in the role of a facilitator and agent, but also in the role of a professional ESG advisor,” Ján Lučan, Member of the ČSOB Board of Directors responsible for Relationship Banking, said.

“On behalf of VUB Bank, we are very happy that, alongside supporting Prague Airport as a major player in the field of infrastructure in the Czech Republic, the financing of the airport development will also feature ESG parameters. As a bank, we strongly advocate this strategy and we are pleased that more and more companies perceive it in the same way,” Mr. Andrea Fiori, General Manager of VUB Bank – Prague branch, added.

“For Raiffeisenbank, ESG is one of the key topics. When providing financing, we therefore greatly appreciate when our client fulfils specific ESG goals beyond the scope of regulatory requirements,” Barbara Tutass, Large Corporates Director, noted.

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