Prague Airport, Once Again, to Financially Support Surrounding Municipalities, Is Launching Grant Programmes Worth 23 Million Crowns

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This year, Prague Airport is once again launching its popular grant programmes, under which it will distribute almost 23 million crowns. Within the Biodiversity Programme scope, it will be possible to apply for support for projects to strengthen ecological stability and increase natural water retention. The Ventilation Programme will offer a financial contribution for the purchase and installation of ventilation equipment as supplementary noise abatement measures. Both programmes are in line with the part of the company’s strategic ESG goals and help strengthen the mutual relations between the airport and the surrounding municipalities.

Three Million Under Biodiversity Programme

The Biodiversity Programme is part of one of the five ESG goals of Prague Airport’s environmental strategy. The goal is to contribute to strengthening the variety of species and habitats and thus increase the attractiveness of the environment not only for animal and plant species, but also for residents from the near or far vicinity of the airport. Last year, the airport supported a total of 13 projects. This year, the airport increased the programme funding by one million, i.e., to three million crowns.

Applicants may receive up to 300 thousand crowns per project, said Soňa Hykyšová, Prague Airport Environment, Sustainability, and ESG Director. “This year, when evaluating the submitted projects, we decided to provide more support to those that deal with the issue of natural water retention in the landscape, including efforts to promote land-based rainwater harvesting. We are aware of the interconnectedness of water, greenery, and species diversity, and would like to motivate applicants in this way to submit projects which introduce more positive effects to the area under consideration.”

​Only projects implemented in one of the cadastral areas listed below will be supported under the Biodiversity Programme:

Červený Újezd, Dobrovíz, Horoměřice, Hostivice, Hostouň by Prague, Jeneč by Prague, Kněževes by Prague, Malé Kyšice, Prague city district of Nebušice, Pavlov by Kladno, Prague city district of Přední Kopanina, Roztoky by Prague, Prague 6 city district of Ruzyně, Prague 17 city districts of Řepy, Statenice, and Středokluky, and Prague city districts of Suchdol, Tuchoměřice, Únětice, Unhošť, and Zdiby.

The programme is designed as long-term with annual calls for funding. The range of applicants remains unchanged. The application process started on 12 February and will end on 30 April 2024. 

Twenty Million to Be Distributed Under Ventilation Programme

The Ventilation Programme call for funding has already been launched numerous times in the past. It helps the residents of the surrounding municipalities to reconstruct their homes in the vicinity of the airport perimeter. Last year, the average contribution reached 234 thousand crowns. This year, the airport will distribute approximately 20 million crowns among 80 applicants. The contribution is to cover the purchase and installation of ventilation equipment as supplementary noise abatement measures. These devices ensure continuous air exchange in closed rooms, without the need to open windows.

“Ventilation systems have many advantages for users. They bring fresh air into rooms without the need for direct ventilation. The air passes through effective filters to prevent the penetration of dust, allergens, and mould. This set-up also uses recuperation, i.e., heat recovery. The air enters the room through a system which uses the heat of the outgoing air to heat the incoming air without letting odours or other particles penetrate back in,” Soňa Hykyšová, added.

The call is intended for residents of the municipalities of Dobrovíz, Horoměřice, Jeneč, Kněževes, Přední Kopanina, and Nové Středokluky, whose properties are located in the area of the airport Noise Protection Zone. It will be possible to apply for contributions under the programme via the application form on Prague Airport’s website effective 19 February 2024. On the website, potential applicants will also find detailed information and reviews drafted by those who have already received the contribution and installed ventilation units.


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