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Prague Airport’s Statement on Baggage Handling Issues

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Prague Airport and the Czech Airlines Handling company apologise for the issues with baggage handling. We are dealing with the situation at hand, shipping baggage to particular final destinations aboard the closest available flights to ensure passengers receive their baggage as soon as possible.

In the next few days, we recommend that passengers carry the most vital medicines and hygiene products with them aboard the aircraft.

The priority has been given to the loading of baggage on departure flights. This may delay the offloading of baggage of passengers who return to Prague. Therefore, if passengers do not want to wait for their baggage, we recommend that they fill out a form at the baggage reclaim counter or on the airline’s website to which the QR code in the customs area will direct them and the handling company will bring their baggage to their home free of charge.

At 03:00 p.m. we will also temporarily activate a special helpline of 220 11 1444 for passengers who still do not have their baggage at their final destination.

This situation is a result of a combination of external factors such as air traffic congestion, long delays, and also a sudden shortage of handling company workers during peak hours because the actual traffic volume is greater than predicted.

The handling company continues to try to secure additional staff either directly or through staffing agencies. Airport administrative staff are now helping in the baggage sorting room and with complaints.

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