Mandatory and Voluntary Safety Reporting

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Mandatory and Voluntary Safety Reporting
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In order to increase operational safety, the Safety Office needs information from the field. 

One source of information is reports from aircraft crews, handling staff and the general public. We do not ask for a report in order to punish someone, but in order for the risk to be professionally assessed and, if necessary, eliminated or reduced to an acceptable level. One of the main principles of safety culture is that the report will not punish the person. Therefore, the Safety Department does not need personal information - its entry is voluntary. Please use the form below.

Mandatory reports
Obligation to report Safety events results from European regulation and include, for example, incorrect presence of an aircraft, vehicle or person on a runway (RWY Incursion), movement of an aircraft outside the paved area (Excursion), damage to aircraft during taxiing, towng or handling, collisions with birds and wild animals, foreign objects FOD, obstacles for the operation of aircraft, drones, laser beams, etc. All employees of Prague Airport and all organizations operating at LKPR or using its infrastructure are obliged to report these events. The announcer of the event, or persons involved in the event are protected. In connection with this, the reports are anonymised and all data related to the identification of these persons may not be included in the database records. If there are more of you on site, please do not rely on someone else to report the event.

Voluntary reports
In addition to the mandatory reporting of Safety Events, it is desirable that all employees and stakeholders are aware of their responsibility to ensure operational safety (Safety Culture) and provide information to the safety office through a voluntary reporting system when they deem it necessary or even necessary. This also applies in cases where the employee is not directly responsible for the activity or did not personally participate in it. This applies in particular to: Work procedures, if there are ambiguities, imperfections, unattainability or problematic activities (this includes all situations which, despite following the established procedures, could, in the employee's judgment, lead to a threat to operational safety); Airport infrastructure if it is believed to impede the safe handling or operation of the aircraft; Errors and mistakes (may not be the fault of the employee, may be latently included in the workflow).

Other ways for submitting Safety reports:
in person: Terminal 2, office 3075
phone: 724550 576 / 777 191 366 / 724 889 648 / 601 121 888
WhatsApp: 601 121 888
on paper: Yellow SAFETY BOX in published places.

All information is treated as confidential. This information will not be used other than for the implementation of measures aimed at preventing the occurrence of Safety Events with the same or similar causes. The information obtained will not be used to determine the guilt or responsibility of persons for the reported Safety Event, nor will it be used to punish employees who have reported the Safety Situation.