We are aware that the prerequisite of safety in the air is safety on the ground. Our mission is to ensure an above-standard safety for air travel and to improve this continuously. Increasing safety is a natural component of every employee’s work.


Our customers’ satisfaction is the only acceptable benchmark of success. We attend to our customers individually and with the utmost care, since every person is important to us.


We encourage creative and innovative thinking and search for new opportunities actively to achieve our goals. We work with high commitment, and the high quality of our work is a matter of course to us.


We are a good partner, inspiring employer and exemplary neighbour. We require personal responsibility from every person. We are aware that every decision we make has an influence on the future of not only the whole company, but also our surroundings.


We make all our own decisions. We openly communicate with customers, business partners, employees and the general public. In every situation we proceed with correctness, reliability and mutual respect.