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Group Tour

Václav Havel Airport regularly organises tours for a rather large groups of those interested. We categorised the tours for you depending on demandingness and interests. Group tours can be participated by adults, students, school children, but also children over the age of 4. We customise the guide’s commentary according to age and professional and amateur interests.

Group tours are intended for:

  • amateurs interested in air transport and operation of the airport, interest groups

  • primary schools, kindergartens

  • experts who specialise, based on their profession, in civil air transport or influence it in a certain way, such as tour operators, airlines, technology firms, hotels, security forces, rescue services, etc.

  • university and secondary school students

Booking of the tour

Requirements for taking an airport tour

1) Book the tour in advance via the form (We will inform you as soon as possible whether the time you wish to book is available).

2) When booking the tour (via the booking form), fill in the names, birthdates and ID nos of all the tour participants. If you are still uncertain about the complete list of all the participants, please send it to us no later than 3 days before the tour. With regard to children from kindergartens and primary schools (children without any ID card), give us a list of the names and birthdates of the children and the person accompanying them, including their own ID card number.

3) Please arrive at the information desk in Terminal 3 about 15 minutes before the start of the tour.

4) To tour the non-public areas you need to pass the security check. Therefore, do not bring any forbidden items (real and dummy guns, sharp objects, liquids, gels, etc.). You are allowed to have a small volume of a non-alcoholic beverage.

5) A group means at least 1 participant and not more than 45 participants. For Lines 1 and 3, the maximum number of participants is 25.

Svačinové balíčky pro skupinové exkurze

Pro skupinové exkurze jsme připravili možnost objednat si občerstvení. Cena svačinového balíčku se pohybuje od 27 Kč/1 balíček.

Jak objednávat svačinové balíčky?

Svačinové balíčky je potřeba objednat min. 3 dny před exkurzí na emailu Platba za objednávku bude hotově na místě.

Price list for tours for groups

We accept Eurocard/MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club payment cards.