Waste Management

Sustainability and ESG

The main goal of Prague Airport’s waste management is satisfied passengers who have the option to sort individual components of municipal waste and who may participate in various environmental programmes, such as Plastic Free Airport (Plasty už neletí) which promotes reducing single-use plastic.

In terms of waste management, Prague Airport has been working towards maintaining the correct hierarchy of waste management. The priority is primarily to prevent waste in the first place. We pay close attention to a circular economy. We aim to turn waste into raw material and promote the use of easily repairable, long-lasting products. 

Airport terminals and other buildings for airport operations allow for sorting of municipal waste by reusable types: paper, plastic, glass, metal, bio-waste and mixed municipal waste. The areas for passengers are equipped with recycling bins for the above-mentioned waste types.


In Terminals 1 and 2, the issue of waste management is dealt with primarily through cleaning companies which transport the waste produced by the passengers to the Central Waste Storage Facility located on the ground floor of the terminals. To make maximum use of the storage facility, the sorted waste is compressed in high-capacity compression containers. Once filled, the compression containers are transported primarily for another use. In the case of mixed municipal waste, we also strive to allow for its reuse, such as for producing energy in an external facility.

Besides commonly sorted waste components, other specific waste types appear during the operations of the terminals, such as uncleared consignments of meat, milk, meat and dairy products, uncleared consignments of plant origin, as well as gels and liquids confiscated at customs.

To ensure proper waste management inside the operational buildings of the Prague Airport Group, other kinds of waste are collected – even the hazardous type. Upon the collection, transport and subsequent temporary storage, we place emphasis on unambiguous labelling and safe handling according to the specific hazardous properties of the respective waste type.

The waste from the airport premises, in particular technological waste, including the waste from contractual partners, is collected at the Sorted Waste Interdepository. The Inderdepository also ensures the economic efficiency of waste transport by maximising the transport capacity of the company's fleet vehicles and the trucks of authorised waste transporters.

Prague Airport secures comprehensive waste management for its business partners and subsidiary companies, including all activities related to waste management. By suitable waste management system, it also involves its partners in its objectives at the airport.

The waste management services involve collecting expired products (electronic devices, batteries, accumulators, lights and tires), their storage and subsequent transfer to the Collective Systems for the respective commodity in line with the principles of the circular economy.