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Brindisi, an Italian port city in the region of Puglia, is a unique combination of history and beautiful landscape. Here, Roman, Byzantine and medieval monuments can be marvelled at, including the impressive Castello Alfonsino, a former defensive castle located on an adjacent islet. Don’t miss out on a Roman marble column, the Colonne Romane, built in the 2nd century BC, and the Museo Archeologico with archaeological finds from prehistoric times to the Roman period. On your way to Piazza Duomo, you will see the cathedral, consecrated by Pope Urban II in 1089.

The port of Brindisi also offers a unique seaside atmosphere to explore as you stroll along the seafront and watch the life in the harbour. You can enjoy local gastronomy, abundant with fresh seafood and fish, high-quality olive oil and delicious pasta. Brindisi is also the starting point for exploring the surrounding natural beauty and other attractions in the Puglia region, making this city an attractive destination for different types of travellers.