The airport is a unique place which is excellent for holding events and exhibitions. In the past, people have been able to see, for example, the best photos of the Czech Press Photo contest, historical appliances or examples of the most creative advertisements in the terminals.

Current events and exhibitions

Exhibition related to the 80th anniversary of Prague Airport

An interactive exhibition documenting the development of the airport from its foundation up to the vision of the future. Videos, photos and views mapping all the important milestones of the airport and its expected future development. Period uniforms and objects used during various stages of the airport’s history. Interactive elements such as a security check simulator, online broadcast of air traffic near Prague Airport and pilots’ conversations with the control tower. A special photo corner with the opportunity to take a photo in places you cannot usually access (aircraft cockpit, runway, etc.).

  • On the ground floor (Arrival lounge) of the public part of Terminal 2 (next to the Billa shop).


Events and exhibitions already finished

WILD FOR LIFE at Prague Airport

The exhibition Wild for Life, organised by the Ministry of the Environment, was ceremonially opened at Václav Havel Airport Prague.

The exhibition, open until 12 December 2017 and situated between Terminals 1 and 2, was part of an international campaign against the trafficking of endangered species.

The Czech Republic is a transit country for sending, for example, tiger bones, rhino horns and pangolin scales from the Republic of South Africa to the Asian markets. Thanks to good cooperation between the airport’s Board of Customs and the Czech Environmental Inspectorate, the combatting of illegal trade has improved in our country and the Czech Republic has been evaluated as one of the most successful countries fighting against the illegal horn trade. To support endangered animals, the world-wide WILD FOR LIFE campaign was launched by the UN, more precisely the UNEP. The campaign uses social media and the website targeted at the general public to encourage personal involvement in fighting against illegal trading in endangered and protected species.

20 let Czech Press Photo

From 20 October 2014 until 15 January 2015, Václav Havel Airport hosted an exhibition mapping 20 years of the Czech Press Photo competition. The jubilee exhibition aimed to intermediate a view of interesting events of past years to the public via tens of photos which competed in this prestigious press photo contest.

The future starts now or This is how you have not seen scientists yet

Arriving at Václav Havel Airport Prague, you had a chance to see an exhibition of fifty photos of important Czech scientists. Large-format photos depicted both their personality and profession with creativity, hyperbole and humour and offered an original view of scientists not shown by any other cultural institution in our country. You could also enjoy seeing photos from their private lives. The exhibition was open between 16 November 2014 and the end of February 2015 in the public zone of Terminal 2.