Explore the Airport
Explore the Airport

Events and Exhibitions

The airport is a unique place which is excellent for holding events and exhibitions. In the past, people have been able to see, for example, the best photos of the Czech Press Photo contest, historical appliances or examples of the most creative advertisements in the terminals.

Current events and exhibitions

Stories of Gratitude

Prague City Council has launched a new campaign to react to the situation linked to the war in Ukraine and the influx of refugees. Through reportage photographs, it tells true stories of the refugees and volunteers who help them.

The campaign is based on six portraits named "Stories of Gratitude", capturing Ukrainian refugees, as well as the citizens of Prague who have decided to help. Through their personal testimonies, the campaign aims to bring a new perspective on a current situation from individual narratives. The author of the photographs is Alžběta Jungrová, a reportage photographer.

When? till 25 September 2022

Where? In the corridor connecting Terminals 1 and 2, opposite the emergency services

Prague Airport Story

Explore the breathtaking history of Prague Airport presented as part of an interactive exhibition for both younger and older visitors. Thanks to large screens, you will have the opportunity to take a look into the various airport development phases – from the landing of the first aircraft at Ruzyně Airport to the modern day and into the future development of Prague Airport. In addition, there is a display of contemporary newspaper articles on the topic of air transport and mannequins in airport uniforms for you to see. This exhibition will also take you, although only virtually, into a cockpit for a while and give you a chance to listen to the pilots’ communication. Moreover, you will see how the flight radar monitoring air traffic works and if you can tell whether there is a prohibited item in the baggage screened by x-ray machines.

For children, there are interactive airport-themed puzzle games. You can take a photo of you and your family together here looking as if you were standing right on the runway or airfield next to an airplane parked there. Live the Prague Airport Story!

When? All day, every day beginning 22 July 2019.

Where? In the connecting area between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 (between the Billa supermarket and the 1 minute bistro).


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