Passenger Check-in
Passenger Check-in

Check-in Options

Due to the current operational measures, the Security Fast Track are temporarily unavailable. Thank you for your understanding.


Standard check-in

  • Upon your arrival at the airport, find the numbers of the check-in desks that are checking in your flight or your airline on the departure boards.

Flights to countries in the Schengen area are checked in from Terminal 2, other flights from Terminal 1. 

  • Check-in counters usually open 2 hours before the scheduled departure time and close 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time. This time may vary for different airlines and destinations.
  • Before handing in your baggage at the counter, please take a note of the security instructions stating what items you are forbidden to carry in your checked or hand baggage. We recommend that you also read the following: Items Prohibited/Allowed in baggage
  • Prepare your ticket (e-ticket) and passport (an identity card will suffice for travels into Schengen area countries or countries outside the Schengen area that allow it).
  • At the counter, you will be issued with a boarding pass that will allow you to proceed to a security check (Terminal 2) or to passport control (Terminal 1 – the security check is at the gate).

Remember that some carriers may charge additional fees for using standard check-in counters. We always recommend to check additional fees and check-in options with your carrier.

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On-line check-in

  • If you purchase an electronic ticket, some airlines will allow you to perform an online check-in.
  • Always check that your airline offers the option of online check-in and the conditions for its use.
  • For online check-ins, just print out your boarding pass (or have it recorded in your phone or tablet). If you are travelling only with hand baggage, you can proceed directly to the boarding pass validators at the airport. Please follow the signs: Departures / All gates.
  • If you are travelling with checked baggage, it must be handed in at the Baggage drop-off counter.
  • Simply place your printed 2D bar code (or in your mobile phone or tablet) on the boarding pass validator scanner.

We always recommend that you check carefully the various check-in options with your airlines. Carriers may charge additional fees for certain types of check-in.

Remember that flights to countries in the Schengen area are checked in from Terminal 2, other flights from Terminal 1. 

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Security FastTrack

Are you travelling within the Schengen Area?
Save time, the FastTrack service enables you to go quickly through the security check in Terminal 2.

Private Check-in Service

This is a special service of individual private check-in of guests and their baggage. We will take care of everything while you relax at the comfortable environment of the FastTrack Lounge.


Check-in via carrier’s mobile app

Some airlines offer an option of check-in via your mobile phone.

  • The whole check-in process can be done via the carrier’s mobile app
  • Following successful check-in, a 2D bar code will be generated directly in the app, which will serve as an electronic boarding pass
  • On your arrival at the airport (if you are travelling only with hand baggage) you can proceed directly to the boarding pass validators (follow signs Departures / All gates), where you can place your mobile phone with the uploaded 2D bar code on the scanner and then proceed to passport control (Terminal 1) / and the security check (Terminal 2).
  • If you are travelling with checked baggage, you must check-in your baggage at the Baggage drop-off counter.
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Self check-in kiosks

Directly at the airport, you can use self-service check-in kiosks, which are situated in the Terminal 1 and 2 departure lounges.

Check-ins at self-check-in kiosks is only possible for selected airlines.

  • At self-check-in kiosks, you can scan your e-ticket or travel document or manually enter a booking number or frequent flyer programme for the given airline.
  • Once your flight has been successfully identified, follow the on-screen instructions, e.g. to select your seat.
  • Once you have filled in all the details, the kiosk will print your boarding pass, with which you can proceed to the boarding pass validators and then to the safety check / passport control.
  • If you are travelling with baggage you do not want to take on board the plane with you, hand it in at the Baggage drop-off counter where it will be checked in for the cargo hold of your flight.
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Self-Service Bag Drop

  • If you already have your boarding pass, you can check your baggage at the airport yourself.

The self-service bag drop machines can be found on the fourth check-in island in the departure hall of Terminal 2.

  • First, scan the bar code of your boarding pass at the self-service counter (the boarding pass can be printed
    or placed in your mobile device).
  • After confirming all information (name and surname, final destination, flight number and baggage allowance), place your baggage on the conveyor belt.
  • Press the button to confirm that there are no forbidden objects in your baggage (such as weapons, flammables and combustibles or power banks - more information you can find here).
  • Print your baggage tag and attach it to your baggage. Please keep the removable part of the baggage tag.

If you already have your baggage tag printed (from online check-in or from the self check-in kiosk), there is no need to print it again. Attach the baggage tag to your baggage. Then scan the bar code on the baggage tag and carry on with the self-service process.

  • Then the baggage is sent to the baggage sorting area.
  • Do not forget to take the baggage receipt.

Check-in for Self-Service Bag Drop is only possible with selected carriers.

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