Compliance Ethics Line

Corporate Culture and Values

Welcome to the website for communication with the Compliance team. This is a confidential reporting tool created so the questioning of the conduct or actions that may be contrary to the rules of conduct and ethical principles of the companies of the Letiště Praha, a.s. Group is as comfortable and uncomplicated as possible.

You can report your suggestions and concerns to us
P.O.BOX 536, K letišti 1019/6, 161 00 Praha 6
The Compliance Ethics Line is also a tool of the Company's Internal Notification System. Relevant persons are:
Pavel Javůrek, Daniel Mazur, Filip Zelingr

You can find further options of how to inform us of your suggestions or concerns in the document Code of Conduct and Ethical Principles in the chapter entitled Speaking up (ethical line).

This form is not designed to report incidents that affect the safety of operations or to deal with the agenda of ordinary business (complaints, etc.)

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