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Prague Airport donates a part of its profit to the development of the close vicinity and the support of everyday activities which improve the living conditions of the local residents. 

Financial Support – Grant Programmes

For the sake of transparency, financial support is provided through grant programmes:

Biodiversity – support of species diversity and regeneration of the urbanised landscape

We recognise the importance of biodiversity and are looking for ways to support it effectively. With this idea, the Biodiversity Grant Programme was designed, focused on the regeneration of the landscape, strengthening the diversity of species, natural retention of water in the landscape, and educational activities.

Eligible to apply for the support under this programme are municipalities, city districts, and the educational facilities established by them, non-profit and other professional and scientific organizations operating near the airport.

Living in Harmony – support for municipalities and urban areas around the airport

The programme mainly focuses on the support for projects designed to protect the environment and improve the living conditions of the residents affected by air traffic.

Eligible to apply for the support under this programme are municipalities and city districts which are members of the Interest Association of Legal Entities Affected by the Operation of Prague/Ruzyne Airport (Prague Airport Region).

Projects Implemented in the Past

Under the LIVING IN HARMONY programme, Prague Airport has distributed over 350 million crowns since 2004. Financial support was mainly provided to projects aimed at the protection of waterways and air, noise abatement measures, dust reduction, planting greenery, waste management, and landscape reclamation for tourism or recreation.

Learn more about the programme

Good Neighbour – support for associations, interest associations, institutions, municipalities, and city districts

Municipalities and districts of the capital city of Prague affected by the operation of Václav Havel Airport Prague may receive financial contributions under this programme, just as public benefit organisations active on their territory.

In 2022 the GOOD NEIGHBOUR grant programme helped fund the following projects

The GOOD NEIGHBOUR programme has been running, excluding a Covid-19 break, since 2007. Over 500 projects with a total value of 100 million crowns were implemented.

Eligible to apply for the support under this programme are organizations operating in the territory of the below-listed municipalities and city districts:

  • Červený Újezd, 
  • Dobrovíz, 
  • Horoměřice, 
  • Hostivice, 
  • Hostouň, 
  • Jeneč, 
  • Kněževes, 
  • Malé Kyšice, 
  • Pavlov,
  • Přední Kopanina city district
  • Prague-Suchdol city district
  • Prague 6 city district
  • Prague 17 – Řepy city district
  • Roztoky,
  • Statenice,
  • Středokluky,
  • Tuchoměřice,
  • Únětice,
  • Unhošť,
  • Zdiby.

Programme Rules and Regulations: available for download here
2023 Budget: 21 milion crowns

Projects Implemented in the Past

Language Support for Primary School Pupils

According to statistics, the language literacy of the Czech population is still behind that of developed Western European countries. They say shyness is a big factor. Therefore, Prague Airport support is focused on fighting it.

In line with the well-known slogan of “practice makes perfect”, Prague Airport finances the teaching of foreign languages by native speakers, which takes place as part of the regular school curriculum. At the same time, we subsidise children’s language learning trips abroad.

The financial aid is distributed to schools in the vicinity of the airport through the language programmes of our partners (City Districts of Prague 6, City Districts of Prague 17 – Řepy, and the Association of Municipalities and Prague Airport Boroughs Surrounding the Airport, i.e., PAR – Prague Airport Region).

  • Prague 6 city district, Open World Programme
  • Prague 17-Řepy city district, Us in the World – the World with Us
  • Prague Airport RegionAssociation of Municipalities and City Districts Affected by the Operation of Prague Airport

The programme has been run annually since 2008.

So far, Prague Airport has donated over 50 million crowns to language vocational training.


It is also thanks to Prague Airport that pupils are able to gain experience abroad.

Ventilation – designed for property owners from the most noise-burdened areas

Households in the most noise-burdened areas can receive a subsidy of up to 100% for the installation of forced ventilation systems with heat recovery (recuperation), ensuring continuous exchange and heating / cooling of air without the need for direct ventilation, which increases living comfort.

Eligible to apply for the support under this programme are residents of Přední Kopanina, Horoměřice, Jeneč, Kněževes, and Dobrovíz, whose property is also located in the area of the airport Noise Protection Zone.

Prague Airport plans to invest 150 million crowns under the Ventilation Programme.

Learn more here

Anti-noise Windows – designed for property owners from the airport Noise Protection Zone

Between 1998 and 2010, Prague Airport funded the installation of anti-noise windows at residential properties in the airport Noise Protection Zone. The windows still fulfil their function with a long future potential.

The total investment was approximately CZK 600 million.

Non-Financial Aid

The voluntary commitment to take care of the nearby region, i.e., our own home and that of our employees, has become a part of the airport’s strategy. We help non-profit organisations as well as municipalities and city districts with cleaning, pruning of large trees, mowing the grass, and winter maintenance; in short, with everything for which we have the needed technology, capabilities, and capacity.

For Municipalities and City Districts
Municipalities and City Districts

As part of the partnership with the representatives of the surrounding municipalities and city districts, with whom the airport regularly communicates and cooperates, we offer the possibility to ask the airport to lend them the equipment and staff or to request the assistance of our experts on specific projects for individual locations. If capacity allows, we are always happy to accommodate such requests.

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Volunteer Days
Volunteer Days

Every year, we organise several corporate volunteer days when we help non-profit organisations located in the airport surrounding area. The activities build on the idea of supporting the immediate surroundings, to which Prague Airport is committed, and appropriately complement the existing grant programmes. Every employee may dedicate a day of work a year to pre-arranged volunteer activities.

Are you a non-profit organisation active in the airport surrounding area and would you like to use a helping hand? Contact us

Environmental Classes for Primary School Pupils

Environmental Classes for Primary School Pupils

Environmental classes with Mr. Bee for Primary School pupils in the airport vicinity were launched by Václav Havel Airport Prague at the beginning of 2012. A series of theme-based lectures for fourth and fifth graders was incorporated into the regular curriculum. The goal of the programme is to enhance environmental awareness and provide information about ways of handling environmental issues at Václav Havel Airport Prague and other places.

The programme comprises four classes focused on selected environmental topics connected with airport operations and environment in its vicinity, namely noise, emissions, water cleansing and protection, and waste and recycling.

The series of lectures is conducted in an informative and entertaining way. Pupils learn the meaning and content of individual terms with the help of visual aids, video and audio demonstrations, interactive competitions, and visual art representations. They can distinguish between various adverse effects on the environment and learn the basics of its protection.

Pupils are accompanied throughout the programme by its mascot – Mr. Bee and his several variations, always in connection with the subject of the lesson.


The final event of the environmental education takes place at the airport. All programme participants are invited to meet the airport firefighters, ecologists, beekeepers, dog handlers, falconers from the airport biological protection team, and noise specialists. The winning classes of the programme contest are announced and awarded during the event.

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