Explore the Airport
The Airport for Spotters

Spots for Watching Landings and Take-Offs

We offer spotters who are interested in air traffic at the largest airport in our country several options to get as close to the aircraft as possible and take the ideal photo.

Spotting platform near Kněževes

Platform for plane spotting near the village of Kněževes. The original one had to be removed in May 2018 due to the construction of a new aviation fuel pipeline and planned expansion of the airport perimeter. Compared to the original spotting platform, the new one is almost two meters higher and is located 51 meters further away from the runway. There are litter bins and a chemical toilet close by. In the future, we plan to build a playground there as well.

The spotting platform can be accessed on foot along an unpaved gravel path leading from the adjacent road (Na Staré silnici Street). You can park your vehicle nearby (located about 100 m away from the platform). The village of Kněževes can be also reached by bus.

Spotting platform near Hostivice

This platform, which was opened near the town of Hostivice in 2012, overlooks the intersection of runways RWY 12/30 and RWY 06/24, providing plane spotters with an opportunity to observe and take photos of all that’s happening on the airfield above the fence line.

The spotting platform can only be reached on foot or by bike. But don’t worry, it is a nice four-kilometre walk, which starts in the nearby town of Hostivice (Cihlářská Street).

Fence holes

In several places directly in the airport’s perimeter fence, there are holes for camera lenses, which make it easier for aviation fans to take photos of the aircraft. Their position, as well as their shape, was discussed with the plane spotters themselves beforehand and corresponds with the location of the public’s most popular points for taking photos.

Viewing terraces

Enjoy a unique view of the aircraft taking off and landing and watch the hustle and bustle on the airfield from one of the two airport’s viewing terraces overlooking the runway and taxiways.

The first of them is located in the public area of Terminal 2, more specifically on the second floor near U Václava restaurant. The second one is part of Runway Restaurant and is accessible from the airside only. This viewing terrace is not accessible during winter season.


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