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To see both the traditional Arabic culture and a modern city

If you want to set out for a trip in winter time to enjoy a warm climate or it is the Near East culture that attracts you, fly to Doha. The capital of Qatar is a modern, cosmopolitan city with skyscrapers, sports grounds and hotels, also offering a contrast between the modern architecture and the ancient district of the Old Town visible at first sight. Visit the traditional market Souq Wagif, where you find a range of little shops with spices, carpets, traditional clothing and jewellery. Narrow lanes are ideal for taking a stroll or having a cup of coffee, tea or trying the local cuisine of Qatar. If you prefer shopping in a modern style, try to visit Villaggio Mall in the city centre, where you can go for a gondola ride. Walking from the port along the Al-Corniche promenade with a view of the Persian Gulf panorama, you will reach the Museum of Islamic Art. If you feel like spending more days in Qatar, plan a desert safari trip or visit the Inland Sea. This unique ecosystem in the middle of the desert can be also found on the UNESCO list of natural monuments.