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Mastercard Lounge



Terminal 1
Transit Area

Opening Hours

Mon - Fri: from 5:30 to 23:00
Sat - Sun: from 5:30 to 23:00

The lounge is open for all departures according to the regular flight schedule.

The Mastercard Lounge is intended for guests travelling to countries outside the Schengen area from Terminal 1.

The Mastercard Lounge Offers

  • comfort and convenience while waiting for your departure in a stylish environment
  • all-inclusive snacks and drinks
  • TV, Wi-Fi and newspapers
  • play area for children
  • showers

Where to Find Us

After you pass the passport control and walk through the shopping area, follow the signs to the "Airport Lounges" towards the Pier B. The lounge is located on the left side, on the first floor.

Price List

One visit of the Mastercard Lounge

  • CZK  860 / 1 person

The price above covers a 2 hours stay and is inclusive VAT. Children under 3 years of age accompanied by an adult visit the lounge for free. You do not need to book the visit in advance. Payments on the spot are accepted.

An Overview of Discounted Lounge Entry

Mastercard Cards:

  • Holders of Mastercard Platinum and Mastercard World Elite premium cards can enter the Mastercard Lounge free of charge, those accompanying them without the card pay CZK 450.
  • Holders of Mastercard Gold premium cards are charged an entry fee of CZK 450, while those accompanying them pay CZK 860.
  • Holders of corporate Mastercard Business and Corporate cards have free entry to the Mastercard Lounge, while those accompanying them pay CZK 450.

  • World card holders including those accompanying them are charged a fee of CZK 860 unless otherwise stated on the issuer/bank's website. Please check with your bank for information on your World card benefits.
  • Children under 3 years of age can enter free of charge.


Priority Pass and Entrance to LoungeKey:

  • The holders of the Priority Pass cards or the members of the LoungeKey programme do not pay for the lounge entrance, but they might be charged a fee directly by the Priority Pass or the bank. The holders can ask their bank for the information to verify the fee. 
  • To register, please present the card or the QR code and a boarding ticket.



  • Please ask your airline about special offers regarding the lounge entrance.
  • Airlines regularly provide a free lounge entry with a plane ticket to business class or when usingsome of the cards included in the airline’s programme.
  • To register, please present your boarding ticket and the airline’s bonus programme card, if needed.


Other Entrance Options:

  • DragonPass


Entry to the Mastercard Lounge is possible only  with a valid boarding pass for a flight with departure from Terminal 1.
We are happy to verify your eligibility to enter the lounge or provide information at the lounge front desk.


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