Safety Promotion

Promotion is a key element in the Safety Management System.

Promotion means explaining procedures, rules, safety and proper behavior at the airport. Safety topics are always serious. However, they can be promoted not only using directives and legal measures but also in interesting, attractive ways. One example is the Letiště Praha comic strip.

Safety campaigns

Safety Campaigns are announce in order to highlight actual Safety topics.

  • pdf Airport Safety Week (189,9 kB) 
    The Safety department of Prague Airport joins the event named Airport Safety Week, organized by the colleagues from Australia and New Zealand. In total, 89 Australian airports, 13 New Zealand airports and 4 other airports registered to participate...
  • pdf Campaign for careful maneuvering around an aircraft (215 kB) 

    Campaign for careful maneuvering around the aircraft (215 kB)
    Even slight damage during the ground handling can put the aircraft out of service and repair is extremely costly. We have created a calendar that presents how expensive aircraft parts are and encourages careful maneuvering around the aircraft

  • pdf FOD Campaign (530,8 kB) 
    Cleanliness of the Movement area


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