Relations with Surroundings

Airport Surrounding Municipalities


Current Information and Recommendation for Passengers:

Information on the airport's protective measures, prevention, testing and other important information for travelling can be found HERE.

ALERT: According to the Czech Government regulation, please wear a FFP2 respirator when inside the airport. Thank you for protecting yourselves and those around you.

If you are flying from Prague, you can travel to the airport through different districts of the Czech Republic based on the exception for travelling outside the country. However, you must present an official form by the Czech Ministry of Interior together with a flight ticket reservation, a boarding pass or a confirmation of accommodation.

We ask passengers flying to Amsterdam who wish to undergo a mandatory antigen test to arrive at the airport at least three (3) hours before their scheduled departure. More information HERE.

To review all conditions to travel to the Czech Republic, please visit the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic’s website.

To safeguard the airport’s sustainable development, it is important to behave in a way that promotes quality neighbourly coexistence. Prague Airport engages in ongoing dialogue with its neighbours, in particular the representatives of municipalities and Prague boroughs affected by air traffic. It also draws on other forms of communication that bring it into direct contact with the public. The existing, well-working co-operation is underpinned by several pillars, the most important undoubtedly being financial assistance, while other forms of help also contribute significantly to the fostering of good relations with local communities. It is our goal to keep the status of “good neighbour”.

Open communication and ongoing dialogue with our neighbours are a must for fostering mutual trust. We are committed to truthfully inform our neighbours of all important issues. We use various channels for passing on information, such as electronic newsletters, printed company magazine, website, regular meetings with representatives of municipalities and Prague boroughs, informative and fun afternoons for residents of airport-surrounding areas and many more.

Grant Programmes

Prague Airport regularly provides financial assistance to municipalities and Prague boroughs affected by air traffic and to non-profit and public benefit organisations active therein or on their behalf.

Environmental Education for Children

Since 2012, Prague Airport has organised environmental classes with Mr. Bee for pupils attending Primary Schools in Václav Havel Airport Prague surrounding areas.

Open Communication

‘Together’ Printed Bulletin

Prague Airport issues a monthly overview of news for its surrounding municipalities and Prague boroughs.

Available for download (CZ) HERE.

‘Reporter’ for Surrounding Municipalities (CZ)

Prague Airport issues a monthly overview of news for its surrounding municipalities and Prague boroughs.

We Meet

Informative and Fun Afternoon on Runway 22

At the beginning of every school year, Prague Airport organises an informative and fun afternoon on airport premises for residents of airport-surrounding areas. Interesting programme is always prepared for both adult and young visitors who can admire and often test-run airport machinery and learn about the work of airport units. Event participants can also ask questions regarding environmental protection, noise issues and airport operations. Experts on individual areas are present at the airport information booth during the entire event.

Parallel Runway Roadshow

Towards the end of 2008 and in February 2010, Prague Airport ran extensive information campaigns focused on the planned Prague/Ruzyně airport development projects with the emphasis on the parallel runway construction. Prague Airport representatives visited municipalities and Prague boroughs surrounding the airport as a part of the campaign.

The aim was to give the residents of the airport surrounding areas the opportunity to get acquainted with the airport development plans and provide them with available details. Information panels showing the Noise Protection Zone and flight trajectories were shared with interested parties and fliers with more detailed information about the airport and the planned parallel runway were distributed. Experts involved in the parallel runway project preparations answered questions asked by the area residents. Mostly positive reactions to the campaign were received in the visited municipalities. Hundreds of people attended both events. They were interested the most in the impact of the new runway on their everyday life.