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If you need to have medication with you during the flight (or you are only travelling with hand baggage), some exceptions to the general rules regarding restrictions on liquids, sprays and gels on board the plane will apply to you. Any medication (required during the flight) can be transported without restrictions on the packaging volume, however you should always report this to the security check staff. We always recommend that you take the prescription from your doctor or confirmation from the medical facility with you; security staff may ask for such a confirmation.

Eye drops or pain killers are always deemed necessary medication and can be carried without any volume restrictions. We always recommend that you carry confirmation from your physician.

When travelling to certain countries it is recommended (in some states it is required) to carry a valid record of vaccination on an international vaccination card.

Transporting money

You can only carry up to EUR 10,000 across the border (or equivalent in different currency). If you need more cash, you must report this to the customs authorities. If you are travelling from one EU country to another, you must report this in both countries. Otherwise, the customs officers may seize the carried amount. Remember that the customs authorities may perform personal searches

Any limits on the transportation of alcohol, tobacco and cash across borders within the EU can be found on the European Union website.