• If you purchase an electronic ticket, some airlines will allow you to perform an online check-in.
  • Always check that your airline offers the option of online check-in and the conditions for its use.
  • For online check-ins, just print out your boarding pass (or have it recorded in your phone or tablet). If you are travelling only with hand baggage, you can proceed directly to the boarding pass validators at the airport. Please follow the signs: Departures / All gates.
  • If you are travelling with checked baggage, it must be handed in at the Baggage drop-off counter.
  • Simply place your printed 2D bar code (or in your mobile phone or tablet) on the boarding pass validator scanner.

We always recommend that you check carefully the various check-in options with your airlines. Carriers may charge additional fees for certain types of check-in.

Remember that flights to countries in the Schengen area are checked in from Terminal 2, other flights from Terminal 1. For information on which states are part of the Schengen area, please see here.