Baggage Check-in Before Departure
Baggage Check-in

Baggage Size and Weight


Information for Passengers Subject to Measures Applied by the Czech Government


- A ban on entry to the territory of the Czech Republic for all foreigners except for foreigners with permanent or temporary (over 90 day-long) residency in the Czech Republic. All people entering the territory of the Czech Republic are subject to a fourteen-day mandatory quarantine.

- A ban on travelling abroad for all Czech citizens. Foreigners with permanent residency or over 90-day-long temporary residency in the Czech Republic can leave the Czech Republic without possibility to return during the state of emergency.

The updated list of countries included in the declared risk area is available here

If you are subject to said measures, please do not travel to Václav Havel Airport Prague.

We recommend that you contact your air carrier or your ticketing agent regarding an alternative solution.

The current operational information from the airport can be found HERE.

The information on the prevention of the spread of coronavirus can be found HERE.

*To review exceptions to travel restrictions, please visit the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic’s website

Checked Baggage

Passengers with baggage to be checked-in, start their journey through the airport at a check-in desk. Find the number of the check-in desk handling your flight or flights operated by your carrier on the information board. Proceed to the desk to drop your baggage off there. Your checked baggage allowance limits are provided in your ticket and in information materials published by your carrier. Please check the information in advance. Baggage allowance limits of individual air carriers vary.

After the weight and size of your baggage is checked, it is fitted with a tag showing its final destination and handed to the handling company. Its workers make sure your baggage is loaded onto your aircraft. You can proceed to the security (passport) control point.

Cabin Baggage

Most air carriers allow passengers to bring carry-on items on board. Please check the carry-on baggage allowance limits with your carrier as cabin baggage allowance limits of individual air carriers vary.
We strive to always ensure the maximum safety and thus thoroughly check all carry-on items.


To ensure smooth and comfortable passage through security control, please check in advance the list of items prohibited aboard aircraft. Additional details are provided under the Items Prohibited/Allowed on Board section .

Baggage Transport Tips

  • Use baggage tags with your name and address, telephone number being optional, on all bags.
  • Pack valuables, important documents and medication in carry-on items.
  • Lock and possibly wrap your bags.
  • Remove name and baggage tags from previous trips to lower the risk of wrong delivery.

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