Get Ready for Your Departure

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Before you head to the airport, please make sure you’ve checked:

Your Airline’s Conditions of Carriage

  • Review the airline’s Conditions of Carriage and information on the number of pieces and dimension of baggage allowed
  • Check-in online if your carrier supports this service, but still make sure you get to the airport in time
  • Review the Security Rules

Aircraft Boarding Time

  • Check the time by which it is necessary to arrive at the gate for aircraft boarding specified in your airline’s Conditions of Carriage

Don’t forget to activate the flight tracking option (SMS notification) via on the day of your departure to not miss any of your flight status changes.

Arrive at the Airport in Good Time

  • It is recommended at least 2 hours before departure or earlier based on your carrier’s instructions
  • Factor in the current Prague traffic conditions and restrictions, which may cause delays, and allow enough time for your journey

Travelling with Children

If travelling with children, you can try many entertainment or relaxation options which we have available for you at the airport. Learn more here.

The Right Way to Pack Your Bags:
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Gels and liquids in individual containers with the maximum volume of 100ml go in a transparent resealable plastic bag of 1l in volume maximum.

Power banks and other lithium batteries or electronic cigarettes go in the hand baggage.

There are no prohibited items, e.g., knives or flammables and combustible substances, in the baggage.

After the Arrival at the Airport:
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Immediately upon your arrival at the airport, proceed to the check-in counter and check-in.

After checking in, proceed to passport and security control.

After security or passport control, check the flight status on information screens and if “GATE OPEN” or “BOARDING” is displayed, go straight to the gate.

You may use self-check-in kiosks if your carrier supports this check-in option.

Useful Tips:
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Travelling with Pets
Medicine and Currency
Airport Map

Who Do I Contact When…

  • My flight is delayed, cancelled – the airline or the ticketing agent
  • There was an issue at security screening – the respective airport
  • I lost my ID – the Police
  • I left something aboard the aircraft – the airline
  • I lost something at the airport – the respective airport
  • I have been waiting for my baggage for a long time, my baggage got damaged or lost in transport – the airline baggage claim counter