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Passenger check-in

How to go through the security check after purchasing the FastTrack service?

Security FastTrack service is currently unavailable

FastTrack is a paid service for passengers which enables them to access the priority lane at the security checkpoint in Terminal 2, regardless of the type of boarding pass purchased.

This service is available for purchase either online or at one of the kiosks in Departure Hall of Terminal 2. The passenger purchases the service for a particular time slot in which he or she would like to through the security check.

No fee will be charged for the Security FastTrack trial service, as it is being tested in Terminal 2 to verify its operational capabilities and capacity in live airport operations. The service is available from June through September for customers who book long-term parking at the airport as an Extra Service (in Step 3). If the service is not visible, capacity has been reached for the selected time slot. Priority Pass can only be used in a specific time slot. Detailed information is available at the time of booking.

How to go through the security check after purchasing the FastTrack service?

The e-mail confirmation contains a date, a time and a unique QR code that serves as an identifier the passenger scans at the boarding gate together with the boarding pass in the following order:

  1. Boarding pass
  2. QR code

The QR code can be scanned either in print or electronic form The passenger is notified of the necessity to present the QR code by signs at the boarding gate.

The service can be provided only within a 30-minutes long time slot starting at the time chosen by the passenger. If the chosen time slot is not used for the security check or if the ticket with the QR code is lost, the service cannot be provided and the money cannot be refunded.