Check-in Options
Check-in Options

Standard check-in


Current information and recommendation for passengers:

Thank you for protecting yourself and other travellers at the airport by wearing a face mask, keeping a safe distance, washing your hands frequently and using hand sanitizers.
We recommend checking the entry requirements of the country you are travelling to and the measures taken by your airline.

To review all conditions to travel to the Czech Republic, please visit the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic’s website.

Information on the airport's protective measures can be found HERE

  • Upon your arrival at the airport, find the numbers of the check-in desks that are checking in your flight or your airline on the departure boards.

Flights to countries in the Schengen area are checked in from Terminal 2, other flights from Terminal 1. The list of countries that are in the Schengen area can be found here.

  • Check-in counters usually open 2 hours before the scheduled departure time and close 40 minutes before the scheduled departure time. This time may vary for different airlines and destinations.
  • Before handing in your baggage at the counter, please take a note of the security instructions stating what items you are forbidden to carry in your checked or hand baggage. We recommend that you also read the following: Items Prohibited/Allowed in baggage
  • Prepare your ticket (e-ticket) and passport (an identity card will suffice for travels into Schengen area countries or countries outside the Schengen area that allow it).
  • At the counter, you will be issued with a boarding pass that will allow you to proceed to a security check (Terminal 2) or to passport control (Terminal 1 – the security check is at the gate).

Remember that some carriers may charge additional fees for using standard check-in counters. We always recommend to check additional fees and check-in options with your carrier.

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